Tell your listing agent to order a home warranty called “seller’s coverage” on your place the moment it is listed. A home protection plan is free to order, and will cover major systems such as A/C  and electrical during the entire escrow process. The only cost in most cases is a $60 service call.

Condenser and coil go out on your roof-mounted A/C unit? $60 for the service call, instead of a $2,000 repair!!

Water heater leaking and thermostat go out? $60, not $1,250 payable to “Joe Shmo the plumber”  

Dishwasher bite the dust? $60

A tremendous investment, and a great way to make sure the deal doesn’t fall through because neither party wants to pay for an expensive repair. The warranty can then be transferred to the buyer at close if they choose to purchase a 1 year plan, usually around $350.